Saturday, September 11, 2010

Metal Foils Demonstration

On saturday Susan Pietsch (Essential Textile Art) came down from Brisbane to show us some techniques using metals in embroidery.  We spent some time playing with a trial pack containing the metals (selection of colours) rubbing plates and an embossing tool.  Susan showed us a wide variety of ways to use the metals, including sewing by hand and machine, drawing, colouring, embossing, and opened our eyes to the delights of including metals in our work.

This is a selection of the samples which Susan brought with her. The samll ones are the metals and the larger background samples demnstrate some og the fabrics and colouring mediums she uses to create her own fabric designs.

Elizabeth  and Susan watch as Daphne experiments with some metal drawing.  As before Susan brought a large selection of her goodies for sale and a good time was had by all....


  1. I had a wonderful day, thank you Elizabeth, and ladies for making me so welcomed.

  2. Hello Arlene
    I am glad you had a great day. It was fun wasn't it? & the things you can do with metal (Aluminium) is quite endless.

    A big thanks also to Susan, for showing us & brining down all her goodies for us to buy.
    Your Friend