Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kantha Workshop

Recently the Tweed Valley Embroiderers group invited Carolyn Sullivan to conduct a workshop on Kantha embroidery.  Kantha is a quilting technique, originally from Bengal. Carolyn introduced us to traditional Kantha work, then showed us her own methods. The top surface for the embroidery is a lightweight cotton, with light weight batting sandwiched by a stronger cotton fabric for the backing  For the embroidery we used stranded threads and 12 perle.  Our first task was a sampler designed to try the stitches and patterns and get familiar with the process.  We used simple shapes, first oulining them, then working the fill.  The in between  quilting which gives Kantha its characteristic bubbly surface is done last using a fine cotton thread.

Here are the first steps.

Kantha paterns are made up using simple running stitches.  The patterns are acheived by aligning the rows of sticthes differently.

This is an example of an Indian Kantha

Once we had the idea for the sampler we were off to start a real piece of work.  We based our designs on a little book DMC designs published many years ago.

It was a great two days and one day soon we can publish photos of finished works!

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  1. I love Kantha embroidery but have only done a very small piece of it. I look forward to seeing your completed designs and future posts on your blog.

    I see from your calendar that you have a workshop with SharonB in October. You lucky ladies, can't wait to read about that.